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Austin is a great city for playing golf and lessons, from a good instructor, will allow you to play better golf and enjoy the game much more. Stop spending thousands on new equipment each year and make a lifetime investment to your swing with the proper instruction from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher of the game.

Golf is a game that takes minutes to understand, but a lifetime to master. In fact, I'm not sure you ever master the game of golf, however learning the proper fundamentals and knowing how to apply them is the first step to becoming a better golfer.

My name is John McCann and I have been working in and around golf in Central Texas for over fifteen years as either a golf professional, an instructor, or a consultant on golf equipment. I have collected many "pearls" of wisdom along the way and share these pearls with my students.

Golf Lessons in Austin, TX

Why should you take golf lessons from me? Probably the most important question I can answer for you, and I will be totally honest: I can very likely help you dramatically. I can help you understand the equipment and what it is used for and more importantly, how you should use it, from set-up to your swing finish. I can help you understand in simple terms how to manipulate the club in such a manner that gives you a high probability of success.

I have experience with golfers of all skill levels and am happy to provide local references. I have students taking lessons from me right now that have gone from high 80's - low 90's players to low 80's - high 70's players in less than 4 months. Results may vary but song remains the same.